• Chen Letian

La battaglia non è finita ma abbiamo speranza

Aggiornato il: 8 mag 2020

Pandora's box has been opened.

Unleashing,disaster,fear and illness.

But there is one thing still left in the box.

That's hope. as long as hope is there.

Previous hardships are nothing.

Everyday COVID-19 seems to reach a new and tragic milestone, of course, we have good news today. WUHAN reported no new cases for the first time since the outbreak started. WUHAN provides hope for the rest of the world that even the most severe situation can be turned around. Dr. Bruce Aylward, Team leader of the China-WHO joint mission on COVID-19, said to: "Replicate the success of China's counterattack elsewhere would require speed, money, imagination and political courage". As the epidemic is spreading around the globe, only by cooperating with each other can we defeat the common enemy: COVID-19.

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