• Chen Wenwen

The Positive Role of Idols in the Time of Epidemic

Aggiornato il: 8 mag 2020



At the end of January, the COVID-19 began to spread in wuhan, China. With the efforts of the people in China and all over the world. The epidemic has been effectively controlled for more than a one month. Just as the spring is coming soon, everything is gradually moving towards vitality. In the early time of spring, the fashion bazaar cooperated with Luo Tianyi, who is the first Chinese v-virtual singer in the world, came to Wuhan to show the city’s spring in the form of fashion visual blockbuster. The Ying wuzhou and Yangtze River is surrounded by warm wind. The Yellow Crane Tower rises high and looks far away. There are families in the deep bamboo forest of Hankou. There are many beautiful and falling flowers under the cherry trees. All these fantastic sceneries are telling to people to be optimistic in Wuhan. There are a lot of ordinary people who are supporting Wuhan and defending this land. The difficulties in this winter will be solved because of the arrival of the spring.

Moreover, the fashion bazaar also connect with many actors, singers, fashion people, piano players and other famous people to appeal to virus in a correct and positive way. They also donate medicals materials and living materials and also limit the behavior to reduce the possibility of virus transmission. I believe that the fashionable icon can bring to the people is not only aesthetic and popular trends, but also more correct values and outlook in life. Furthermore, they can use their own behavior to influence their fans. This is the real icon to be admired.

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